Simple Clear Vinyl Zipper Pouch Tutorial by Erika Mulvenna 00

Clear Vinyl Zip Pouch – Sewing Tutorial – Sewing

A clear vinyl zip pouch is great for organizing small things!  The clear vinyl lets you see inside, and the zipper closure keeps things from falling out.  All Erika Mulvenna has a great tutorial showing how to make a clear vinyl zip pouch.  Just because it’s made from clear vinyl doesn’t mean it’s not colorful!  […]

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Easy Drawstring Bag – Free Sewing Pattern in 3 Sizes.webp

Easy Drawstring Bag – Free Sewing Pattern in 3 Sizes – Sewing

d Drawstring bags are fun to sew, and make a great first sewing project for beginners!  See how to sew an easy drawstring bag over at Sew Simple Bags.  The tutorial is designed with beginners in mind, and there’s a free sewing pattern you can download.  The free pattern comes in three sizes – the […]

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Fabric Love Note Envelopes

Love Note Fabric Envelopes – Free Sewing Pattern – Sewing

These love note fabric envelopes make sweet Valentine’s gift!  Sew them from cute fabrics and the fill the little envelopes with special notes, or gift cards, or other small gifts.  Go to Flamingo Toes for a tutorial and free sewing pattern you can use to make them.  They use 10″ x 10″ squares of fabric, […]

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hearts wp

Felt Heart Pouch for Valentine’s Day – Easy Sewing Tutorial – Sewing

This felt heart pouch is a fun little Valentine’s project that kids can make!  It can be sewn on a sewing machine or by hand, perfect for beginners!  You can find the easy sewing tutorial over at Sew a Softie.  There’s room to hold a little treat in the pouch, and there’s also a secret […]

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Flat Zipper Phone Pouch – DIY Sewing Tutorial – Sewing

Sew a flat zipper phone pouch for yourself or to give as gifts!  These little zipper pouches are easy to make and always useful to have.  It’s the perfect size for a phone, but you could use them for other things, too.  ChezVies has a tutorial showing how to sew these handy zipper phone pouches.  […]

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