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No-Sew Fringed Fleece Scarf – DIY Tutorial – Sewing

Beth at The Renegade Seamstress shows how you can make this pretty fringed fleece scarf, with no sewing required.  It’s made from fleece, with yarn knotted at the ends to make a nice thick fringe.  Her tutorial includes a video as well as written instructions you can follow to create a pretty fleece scarf. [photo […]

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sew make twisted headband

2 Ways to Make a Twisted Headband – DIY Sewing Tutorial – Sewing

It’s easy to sew your own DIY twisted headband!  All you need is some knit fabric and a sewing machine.  Heather Handmade has a tutorial showing 2 ways to make a twisted headband – one has two pieces of knit fabric looped around each other, while the other is made from a single band that has […]

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pocket scarf by scratch and stitch

Easy Pocket Scarf for Kids – DIY Sewing Tutorial – Sewing

This pocket scarf for kids is super easy to make, and will keep their neck and hands warm while out in the cold winter weather!  Cathi from Scratch and Stitch has a tutorial showing how to make one.  It’s super easy, requiring just a few easy seams.  It’s a great project for beginners or for […]

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42 Fabulous DIY Earrings You Can Make for Next to Nothing

Do you love unique jewelry? Have you always seen cute and adorable earrings at shops and slobber over those but just couldn’t buy them? You are one of the million teenagers who do! Good news is, we here at have thought that you might love to make your very own unique earrings and have […]

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