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3D Face Mask Pattern – Sewing

Face Mask sewing Sewing Patterns & Tutorials

A tutorial with patterns and step by step instrucitons.
The measurements of the tutorial are both in inches and centimeters.

Very easy to make. All the cuts and seams of it are straight. Easier to make than the ones with the rounded shape.

The special structure of it can keep your glasses from fogging up.

All 6 different sizes can meet the need of a whole family. The bendable nose guard make the mask fit your nose well. The special bottom fits your chin better. So the mask is comfortable for the wearer. A tutorial with more than 60 illustrations show you how to print the paper pattern, how to cut the fabric and every detailed step to make the mask. Even if you have not any printer,the tutorial also instructs you how to draw the paper pattern by yourself.

You can purchase this mask pattern via Etsy.

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Wanting to create your own custom face mask? Check out this Website that allows you to design your own mask with ,photos, font and colors.

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