diy snuffle mat dog

How to Make a Snuffle Mat for Dogs – DIY Sewing Tutorial – Sewing

A snuffle mat turns feeding time into a fun activity for your dog.  A snuffle mat is an interactive feeding toy with pockets and hiding spots for your dog’s food.  As they sniff out their food, they get the reward of a treat!  Heather Handmade shows how to make a snuffle mat for dogs.  Her […]

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infusible ink cotton hack

Hack to Use Infusible Ink with Cotton Fabric – Sewing Tutorial – Sewing

Many people love using Cricutu’s Infusible Ink to put designs on to fabric.  The Infusible Ink designs wear well over time because they are infused into the fabric.  But it requires a polyester fabric, and not everyone wants to wear polyester fabric.  Heather from Heather Handmade shows a clever hack to use Infusible Ink with cotton […]

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diy pajama pants pattern 1

Make Your Own Pajama Pants Pattern – DIY Sewing Tutorial – Sewing

You don’t need to buy a pattern in order to sew a pair of pajama pants.  You can make your own  pajama pants pattern in just 10 minutes by tracing a pair of your pants that fit you correctly. Cucicucicoo shows how to do it.  Such an easy to way draft customized sewing patterns! [photo […]

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Fabric Chinese New Year Ornament – DIY Sewing Tutorial –.webp

Fabric Chinese New Year Ornament – DIY Sewing Tutorial – Sewing

Chinese New Year is around the corner (12 Feb), and it’s the time of the year where many people  will be adorning their homes with festive Chinese New Year decorations. This tutorial by Sew, Jahit shows how to make a pretty fabric Chinese New Year ornament that you can hang from a door knob to […]

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diy valentines gifts candy monster scratchandstitch 1024x1536 1

Felt Valentine Monster Treat Pouch – Easy Sewing Tutorial – Sewing

This felt Valentine monster treat pouch is sooo cute – and so easy to make!  Scratch and Stitch has a tutorial showing how to make this fun Valentine sewing project.  You can give each little monster its own personality by changing up colors and features.  Go to Scratch and Stitch for the easy sewing tutorial. […]

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recycled sweater mittens

Upcycled Sweater Mittens – DIY Sewing Tutorial – Sewing

Upcycle your old sweaters and turn them into sweater mittens with this sweater mitten tutorial video by Hellosewing! Don’t throw out those sweaters you won’t be wearing anymore when they can be repurposed into wonderful, cozy, and warm mittens fast and easy. This project is simple and straightforward but also fun and extremely practical. You […]

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tips sew sweater fabric

Tips and Tricks for Sewing Sweater Knit Fabric – Sewing

With sweater knit fabric, you can create your own sweaters, hats, and other winter wear in a fraction of the time it would take to knit or crochet them.  But the texture and the stretch of sweater knit fabric is different from sewing on wovens, or even on regular knit fabrics.  Heather Handmade has some […]

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Adding Snaps to a Bag or Clothing – Sewing Tutorial – Sewing

Adding snap fasteners to a bag or clothing is, well… a snap.  With a few tools you can easily add snaps to any sewing project, and they’re super quick to install.  So Sew Easy has a quick guide for installing snaps in your sewing project.  It includes the types of snap fasteners, the parts of […]

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